Deep laced vibrations, warm analogue colours and aural synthesis is constructed and deconstructed in the complex sonic architectural formations of Lower Spectrum’s latest EP offering, titled Traces. The kaleidoscopic signature sound ebbs and flows from multi-layered, subtle textures to explosive bass laden rhythms that reveal a culmination of unique compositions and absorbing aesthetics.

Drawing detail into infectious hooks and motifs, Lower Spectrum proves that music production can contain the grand complexity of a film score and still be suitable for the dance floor. From the swelling orchestral rise of the pulsating single, Khlever, to the grandiose gospel submersion of ‘Glimmer’, Traces reveals an exciting unpredictable sound difficult to pin down.

“a multi-layed, textured and richly melodic composition”
‘pure magic.”
-Richard Kingsmill, Triple J
“incredibly beautiful stuff, if you’re a fan of the likes of
Nicolas Jaar, you’re gonna lap this up”
‘a dramatic and enthralling release.’
-Finest Ego