Zero Through Nine is ecstatic to announce the Debut EP from Melbourne born and Alice Springs based songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Edward Francis.

Having harboured aspirations of being a jazz saxophonist, studying improvisation at school and university, it was the textural pop of acts such as Panda Bear and The Books that set him off track. Taking an interest in songwriting, Edward began revisiting instruments learnt earlier in his life, such as the guitar and piano as well as running a choir. Gradually, through exploring composition over playing, music making became more laptop focused, and the saxophone became a sampling tool rather than the sole outlet for musical expression. This is reflected in the first single, and title track from the EP ‘Braver’.

Braver is an open letter to friends. In Edward’s words, “I think being honest and open with your friends, even with those you feel the closest, can be a difficult thing. One of the hardest things can be admitting how important they are to you. This song is about making that effort.” Swirling saxophones and scattered vocals are accompanied by driving micro-house drums which please as much as they can disorientate.

Edward has spent a lot of time playing as part of different instrumental ensembles, but more recently, his music making has been production focused. It was after escaping to Berlin in 2012 when this idea really took over. In 2013 Edward wrote/recorded/mixed and released This City, featuring fellow Berlin dweller, Phia, and Hose Rock Love Song. Since then, he has turned to the home studio as his main outlet for musical expression.

From Berlin, Edward has relocated to Alice springs, where he is currently teaching music to Primary School kids. Now inspired by more electronic acts, such as DJ Koze, Caribou and Kieran Hebden, Edward is re-arranging and re-recording some of the songs that were first conceived in Berlin, while continuing to generate new material. It is within these recordings that we find the Braver EP, split between two opposing cities, both in spirit and sound.

“It’s a sentiment we all share at a point in our lives, but not all of us can bravely articulate it, quite like Edward Francis.”
– The Ripe

“Braver demands one to open one’s self up to another self, take a risk, reveal more of the inner.”
– Sound Doctrine

“Some really sweet intricate production here. Saxophones too, which is always a plus”
– Pilerats

Edward Francis – Braver EP


1.Mistaken For Grandeur

2. All Our Crooked Hearts (I Fucked Up)

3. Braver

4. Lost My Mind